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I want a movie about a little girl, aged like 11-12, going through the stuggles of prepubescent girl life, with her entire inner monologue is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.

Shot of disgruntled adorable little girl.

SLJ: I knew that Susie was a backstabbin’ motherfucker, and if anyone was going to ruin my chances of being Miss Sugar Drop Queen, it was that asshole. 

I didn’t know I needed this in my life until now.

This is never not funny



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"what are your plans for the future" *shrugs so hard that my arms detach at the shoulders and i am no longer asked any questions that arent about my missing limbs*

What have you done to her?

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hazel was wearing augustus’s shirt from the day they first met when she found out he had passed away

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just the girly things

  • forcing an earing through a closed piercing
  • taking off tight clothes and rubbing the indents they left on your skin 
  • human sacrifice
  • homemade face masks 


ultimate ships challenge : [5/5] Current OTPs

You wanna hear something funny? When I was trying to talk myself into being interested in boys, I would look for guys like you. The kind that would pull me up on stage & get me to sing, because I would never do that on my own.


i’m that kind of person who between two choices always pick the wrong one

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