I want Luke to caress my leg like that. Fuck.

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1.12 // 5.10

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do parents feel offended when their kids call themselves ugly like hey those are my genetics you’re talking about


TFIOS + paralell

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oh my god my dad just went out to walk the dog and he must have got halfway down the street and then he just came back and I was like “what’s the matter” and he just said really quietly “i forgot the dog” and my dog was just siTTING BY THE DOORSTEP WITH HIS LEASH ON LOOKING REALLY SAD

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"You are looking at the face of a man who’s consumed his entire body weight in chicken nuggets today. I have no regrets. Okay, I have like 30 regrets and they’re sitting in my stomach right now - kinda making me feel a little bit sick." ─ Troye Sivan